Shree Ananthapadmanabha Temple -Seva List

1. Panchamritha 50-00
2. Karti Pooja 40-00
3. Thambila 60-00
4. Ksheerabhishekha 40-00
5. Sahasra Nama Archane 40-00
6. Ashtottara Archane 40-00
7. Pancha Kajjaya 10-00
8. Halu Payasa 40-00
9.Purusha Sooktha Abhisheka 40.00
10. Amritha Padi Nandadeepa 100-00
11. Appa Kajjaya 80-00
12. Ashlesha Bali 900-00


13. Hoovina Pooja (night) 400-00
14. Pavamana Abhishekha 600-00
15. Maha pooja (one day) 250-00
16. Hoovina pooja (noon) 90-00
17. Ayyappan Swami Pooja 70-00
18. Hannu Kayi 1.00
19.Thulabara Kanike 250.00
20. Shashwatha Seva 2000.00
21. shashwatha Annadana Seva 5000.00
22. Sarpa Samskara 8500.00
23. Naga Prathiste 13500.00
24. Ashlesha Bali Udyapane 15000.00 (Pooja will be performed only after completing 18 times of Ashlesha Bali Pooja.)


Japa (Recites)

1. Ravi Japa 100-00
2. Chandra Japa 100-00
3. Kuja Japa 100-00
4. Budha Japa 100-00
5. Guru Japa 100-00
6. Shukra Japa 100-00
7. Shani Japa 100-00
8. Rahu Japa 100-00
9. Ketu Japa 100-00

1. Ashlesha Bali Pooja will be performed in temple daily except EKADASHI day. Pooja timing is evening 5.00 P.M. to 7.30 P.M. Seva amount is Rs.900/-. Devotees who wish to perform Ashlesha Bali Pooja, Advance Booking is must at least 20 days in advance. Booking can be made by paying pooja amount Rs.900/- Or else you can also pay by sending Money Order/ Demand Draft directly to temple or NEFT/RTGS transfer to Temple account. In case NEFT/RTGS transfer please inform us Ref No over phone to verify the same in our account. And Also inform us the Pooja date.

1. For Gents wear Dhoti and Shawl while attending Pooja.
2. Bring Some Flowers and Tulsi While Coming To Pooja
3. Do Fasting on Pooja Day (Do not take Meals or any rice Items)

2. Whoever wishes to perform Ashlesha Pooja, Night Hoovina Pooja, Navagriha Pooja & Japa and Pavamana Abhishekha should inform the temple authority 20 days in advance by registering their name along with respective amount. 

3. Since the temple authority wishes to implement Daily Annadana Seva (mid day meal) to devotees and visitors, it accepts donations from donors in the form of Fixed Deposits on which interest earned will be spent for this holy purpose.

4.  You can also send the amount via cheque or Demand Draft through post or courier (except DTDC courier)

Direct Transfer of Money for Seva

Saving Bank Account
A/c. in the name of Sri Anantha Padmanabha Temple, Kudupu
A/c No : 10023530981
IFSC Code : SBIN0007983
Branch Code : 7983
State Bank Of India
Silvergate Branch
Kulshekar Mangalore - 5